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  • Red Posole with Grilled Chicken $9

    Anson Mills hominy, traditional garnish, chicharron, tostada

    Charcoal Grilled Chicken Wings doused with Valentina $8


    Fried Catfish Taco $4

    pickled green tomato tartar, cabbage, red onion

    Chips and Guacamole $8

    Tacos al Pastor $3.5

    marinated and grilled pork, pineapple, avocado

    Chips and Three Salsas $4

    benne, arbol, verde

    Pork Carnitas Taco $3.5

    confit, jowl, chicharron, salsa verde ,chilmole

    Queso Fundido $9

    roasted poblano, chorizo, handmade tortillas 

    Wedge Salad $8

    chorizo, tomato, radish, masa croutons, pasilla-buttermilk ranch

    Sloppy Jose Torta $9.5

    avocado, pickled vegetables, Red Fresno, Chihuahua cheese

    Chilaquiles $9

    heirloom beans and chili, crema, tortilla chips, salsa, fried egg, queso fresco, avocado

    Green Chorizo Taco with Potatoes and Grilled Onions $4


    Heirloom Pumpkin and Mushroom Mula, Benne Tortilla $4.5


    Grilled Steak Taco $4

    heirloom peppers, pickled vegetables, queso fresco, garlic-amarillo

    Charcoaled Chicken Taco $3

    unripe mango, cotija, lime pickled red onion, pasilla de Oaxaca

    Shrimp and Masa Grits $9

    chili sofrito, chorizo, cilantro and scallions

    Hotdog  Confit and Deli Ham Torta $9.5

    avocado, tomato and chipotle mayo

    The Minero Burrito $9

    queso de Oaxaca, crema, hoppin john, avocado, poblano



    Carolina Gold Arroz Rojo $3

    Rancho Gordo Ayocote Beans  $3

    Vegetables en Escabeche $5

  • Sparkling:

    Pineapple Wine

    Argus Cidery, “Tepache Especial”, Texas, $7/$32

    Moscato di Valencia

    La Ardilla, Spain, 2013 $7/$32

    Lambrusco Emilia

    Venturini Baldini, Italy $8/$37



    Sauvignon Blanc

    Simonnet-Febvre, France, 2013 $8/$37


    Schloss Muhlenhof, Germany, 2012 (1L) $8/$49

    Garnacha Blanca/Parellada

    Torres, Spain, 2013 $7/$32

    Chenin Blanc

    Domaine des Aubuisieres, France, 2013 $10/$47


    Pascal Granger, France, 2013 $10/$47



    Pinot Noir

    Villa Wolf, Germany, 2013 $9/$42





    Domaine Foretal, France, 2012 $8/$37


    Valle dell’Acate, Italy, 2013 $10/$47

    Pinot Noir

    Pullus, Slovenia, 2012 $9/$42


    Mayor de Migueloa, Spain, 2012 $9/$42

    Cabernet Franc

    Domaine du Pallus, France, 2013 $10/$47

  • Margarita $8.5

    reposado & anejo tequila, dry curacao, orange, lime, agave

    El Satánico $10

    blanco tequila, yellow chartreuse, pineapple vinegar, tepache

    Titán $11

    bourbon, cognac, peach liqueur, agave, citrus, nutmeg

    Mr. Niebla $9

    mezcal, aperol, lime, grapefruit soda

    Rey Escorpión $11

    mezcal, cherry liqueur, sweet vermouth, orange

    Rey Mysterio $9

    VIDA mezcal, campari, charleston madeira, oaxaca molé bitters

    Místico $10

    rye, orange liqueur, pickled peach, ginger, lemon

    Minero Sangria $9

  • Cans: (*denotes 16oz)

    Tecate* $4

    Westbrook Gose $6

    Westbrook One Claw $6

    Holy City Follicle Brown $5.5 

    Terrapin Hi-5 IPA $5.5 

    Stiegl Radler Grapefruit* $8



    Bohemia $4

    Victoria $5

    Modelo Especial $5

    Negro Modelo $5

    Day of the Dead Hefeweizen $6

    Day of the Dead Porter $6


    Minero Michelada $6

  • Horchata* $4

    Agua Fresca $3

    Jamaica Tea $3 

    Jarritos Mexican Sodas $2.5

    Mexican Coke $4

    (*adult version available)

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HERITAGE, by Sean Brock, now available from Artisan Book. - HERITAGE Books

sean-brock-heritag-cover-0414Chef Sean Brock’s drive to preserve and reinterpret America’s heritage foods has sparked a national obsession. In Chef Brock’s much-anticipated first cookbook, this James Beard Award-winning chef presents all of the sublime dishes that have made him one of our country’s most acclaimed chefs.

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From humble ingredients to his love of Valentina hot sauce, Sean Brock gives an inside look at Minero - Charleston City Paper

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 12.34.43 PMMinero served its first taco on Fri. Oct. 3. In a city relatively free of cronut-like fads and — for a few more months, at least — brisket masters who sell out by mid-afternoon, diners here aren’t inclined to queue up to eat. Still, during Minero’s first week of operation, a line snaked out the door and down the sidewalk during the lunch and dinner hours. 

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Mmm, Minero food porn - Charleston City Paper

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 4.28.49 PMThe CP staffers got our first taste of Minero this week, and after chips and salsa, queso fundido, Valentina-drenched chicken wings, and nearly a dozen tacos, here’s what we can report. 

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